El Derbi Sevillano: Hot City, Hotter Game

La Liga restarts tomorrow and it resumes in style. One of the hottest cities in Spain will host the fiercest game in Spanish football. The Sevillian derby or ‘’El Derbi Sevillano’’ like they call it in Spain will be the first game to be played in the Spanish top-flight ever since football was suspended.

Sevilla will host their neighbors Betis in a game that promises to be a very exciting one, one of the most exciting in the season.


Sevilla-Betis is a derby that is highly underestimated. The rivalry between the clubs is between two different social classes. The rich, and the poor. One club has international roots, the other stands for Andalusia.


Sevilla FC was created officially in 1905, the club was existing since 1890. The Blanquirrojos are the first team to ever win a game in Spanish football. Their win against Recreativo Huelva in 1890 turned them into the first victors in Spanish club football.

Betis Sevilla Balompie was created after a dispute about whether to sign a working-class player in Sevilla FC. Two directors decided to walk out and create a club of their own. A club of the people, for the people.

Betis is a club that stands for Andalusia and Spain, a club whose colors are inspired from the Andalusian flag. The name ”Betis” means ”Andalusia” in Romanian and Balompie stands for football (Balon = ball, pie = foot)

Andalusia Flag

While Sevilla have been living the time of their lives during these past years. Winning Copa Del Reys, Europa Leagues and European Supercups, Betis have had quite a hard time moving up and down between the first and second division, losing almost every derby they play.

However, this has not affected in any way the Beticos fanbase. They stick by their motto ‘’Manque Pierda’’, it’s the Spanish version of ‘’You’ll never walk alone’’.

As you noticed on the video, the atmosphere is one of the most heated. The clubs, as ‘’unkown’’ as they might seem to be for the world of football, have had their shares of historical football players.

Betis for example had Luis Aragones, Denilson, Alfonso Perez and Joaquin.

Sevilla had the likes of Diego Simeone, Kanoute and the one and only Diego Armando Maradona.

Diego Armando Maradona
Source: Sky Sports

Tomorrow’s game will for sure be no exception to the previous ones. Here is a quick reminder of the number of victories for each team:

One thing is for sure, this rivalry is to be taken seriously. This is not your average derby, this is THE derby is Spain.